Wai Chin_Danis Lim

Wai Chin

I would like to thank Danis for his help and guidance through the process of making my LPA and will. It has been a smooth hassle free. Thanks and keep up with the good work!

Ah Choo_Danis Lim

Ah Choo


I didn’t know doing up a WILL and LPA is as easy as shopping for groceries. I have had thoughts of doing up my WILL since passing of my husband but has been sitting on it until I chance upon Danis and Sebastian when they are making their rounds in my estate. Fix an appointment with them to pen down all require contents for the paperwork, next thing will be to make a trip down to their partner office to sign the documents. That is it!

Hari & Geetha_Immelda Tan

Hari & Geetha

Immelda was able to help and guide us in preparing our wills. She shared lot of information with us as we were not able to decide what we were to add in our Wills.

Whenever we had doubts, she would set aside time to have Zoom to explain in detail.

Preparing the Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) with her guidance was easy. I would recommend her to my friends and relatives for Will Planning or LPA.

Vojko_Immelda Tan


Dear Immelda, I would like to thank you for your support during my last will planning.

After our first contact it was clear to me that you are very professional with excellent knowledge about the subject. After our first briefing everything was clear to me and the rest of the process went smoothly.

At the end thank you for your valuable assistance and I would recommend your services to everyone.


Lilian Chua

After attending the ZOOM presentation on the importance of writing a Will, I engaged the service of Immelda & Alex to help me with the arrangements. They were very professional and knowledgeable in their advice in Will & Estate Planning.
They also explained the importance of having a LPA done.

Furthermore, they have also highlighted the importance of insurance nomination needed for our insurance policies. I believe many insurance agents did not inform their clients on this matter.

I would strongly recommend their services to anyone who needs advice on getting a Will and LPA done up.


Lily Tan

A note of my appreciation to Alex n Immelda…. For years, I pondered how am I going to do my will, which lawyer to approach? Thankful that I got to know both of you through my friend. Your explanation of a Will n LPA planning is very detailed n concised, an eye opening to me. With your expertise, you all guided me so I had no problem providing the details that were required. It made my “homework” a lot easier. Both of you are so helpful, thoughtful and caring. Immelda is very meticulous while Alex thinks “out of the box” to help me have better planning of my finances. I am very fortunate to have both of you as my Willplanner and for your excellent services rendered to me. Thank you for the job well done 😘


Shereen Ng


而且现在立遗嘱都比较容易,简单,在未见律师前会有专人上门向你解释及分析,剩时又剩力。 真的好感谢律师事务所及其合作伙伴还有充当解说的专业人员,Immelda除了提供她的专业知识解说外,我们提供遗嘱与授权书所需的资料,Immelda还协助整理,从解说到完成签名一路有她的陪伴,她的亲善态度,耐心及效率,特别是让我的心有了依靠及信任,我给她一个大大的赞👍🏻。 我现在可以很大声的告诉朋友,我已经立了遗嘱及授权书,我给自己的心找一个安定及无虑的地方歇息,又可以很自在的继续过自己想要的生活。


Andrew West


I am so happy to recommend Alex & Immelda for creating my Will. Their advice and help were invaluable. Also allowing enough time to gather and organise the required information was very helpful. Consequently, it was a stress free process with help all along the way.
I thank them both for their enormous patience!!


Alison Lim

A note of appreciation and thank you to Alex Chew for helping me plan my Will. It is such a relief as there are so many things to consider before penning down my letter of wishes.

Alex has a deep hindsight and was able to guide me through smoothly,
I have personally learnt a lot about Wills and I thank him for offering me this experience, and also for the assurance that my latter business is all taken care of.

I have recommended Alex to my family members and friends, to help them with their Will and Estate plannings as well.


Vijey & Family

A note of appreciation and thank you to Kavindran for helping me and my family plan our Will. It is such a relief as there are so many things to consider before we finally decided to get the Will done.

Kavin shows professionalism in his work and briefings and has a deep hindsight and was able to guide me and my wife and daughters through smoothly.

We have personally learnt a lot about Wills and we thank him for offering us this experience, and also for the assurance that all is taken care of.

I have recommended Kavin to my family members and friends, to help them with their Will and Estate plannings as well. “You Will Never Walk Alone” as the famous Liverpool FC motto says. I truly believe that Kavin is always walking with us and guiding and advising us on our Will matters.

Thank You very much Kavindran and keep up the good work!!👍👍


Amie & Alson

Got to know Alex and Immelda through a seminar and my husband decided to engage their service. They had given us very true and important insights of why we should do up a Will and LPA.

They are always very patient and attentive in helping me and my hubby to list out all our blind spots and clarify all our doubts during the process.

I was greatly impressed and engaged them to help my parents to do their Will and LPA as well.

I would greatly recommend their services and have been recommending their services to my loved ones.

Immelda Testimonial

Cecilia Chua

Never has anyone in the past think of doing up a Will. This pandemic has indeed make a lot of people change their thinking, living behavior and mindset as no one knows what will happen in the next minute. Many people start to have more bonding with family and friends, some has even started to arrange and prepare their needs for their family.

Coincidentally Immelda spoke to me about doing up a Will. I attended the presentation on the importance of writing a Will and Immelda has also explained the importance of having an LPA done. The sharing has enlightened me and I engaged her service to help me with the pre-planning which is very crucial.

I would like to recommend Immelda for her exceptional service that she has done for me. Immelda is very prompt in answering any questions and concern, and she possesses excellent knowledge to get matters resolve quickly.

I appreciate that she takes her clients’ needs seriously. I am pretty sure she is able to add value if you were to engage her service. It is indeed my pleasure to have her as my Estate Planner.

Elizabeth Chin


I believe in Kairos (means “time”), the propitious special moment for the right time to say or do a particular thing.

The first time I met Immelda Tan and Alex Chew sometime in early Feb 2020 at a business networking seminar, I knew what I had to do! Earlier that year, I had a deep sense of urgency to ‘set my house in order’ and reviewing my Will and LPA are some of my priorities. My first Will was done by a lawyer friend when I was in my late 30’s and now 20 years later, many things have changed and became obsolete and some items in the Will may also need to be revised. 

After some weeks of sorting out my affairs, I met up with Alex and Immelda again just before the onset of the Covid-19 shutdown in early April to verify some facts. They have guided me patiently and thoroughly throughout the formation of my new Will. 

Many people discard the notion of drawing up their Will mainly because they are ignorant of the complications and or they felt they do not have any property / assets worth distributing and passing to their loved ones. However, I beg to differ….. There is one very profound reason as to why one should have their Wills drawn up and that is to make a bequest to someone or an organisation of their choice that if otherwise left alone, would not be made; for example bequeathing some monies to a Church, Charities and or to an individual who might need our bequest more than our beneficiaries. Thus, having a Will enable us to fulfil our last opportunity to be a blessing to others. 

Having experienced the great teamwork and professionalism portrayed by Immelda and Alex and the Will partner, I have the confidence to share with many of my friends about the urgency to have their Wills done. Many of them were convinced and they carried on to get the Wills activated together with their Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) drawn up too.

Personally, I am happy with the services I received from Immelda and Alex thus far and would not hesitate to recommend them to those who are seriously exploring the possibility of making their Wills and LPAs.

Thank you Immelda and Alex for your guidance in getting my Will and LPA done so that I can now set my house in order!

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