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Who We Are

Founded by Mr Ravin Sinan, the Council of Estate Planning (CEP) is one of the leading pioneers in estate planning in Singapore. At CEP, our team of experienced estate planning specialists do not simply make your wills – we also ensure that your assets, built painstakingly with your blood and sweat, are properly protected and passed on to your loved ones in the best possible way. With great attention to details, our specialists have planned for more than 10,000 families, ensuring that families are taken care of with adequate resources should they fall ill, lose the ability to communicate or look after themselves – ensuring Peace and Dignity.

There are no upcoming events at the moment.

29 April Wills & LPA Workshop
29 Apr 2021, 7pm-8pm, 8pm-9pm & 9pm-10pm

6 May Wills & LPA Workshop
6 May 2021, 7pm-8pm, 8pm-9pm & 9pm-10pm

13 May Wills & LPA Workshop
8th April 2022, 7pm-8pm, 8pm-9pm & 9pm-10pm

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